Polls module

At GuestlinkPro, we recognize that staff engagement and commitment are crucial for delivering exceptional services to guests. That’s why we introduced the Polls module, a powerful tool that inspires confidence in the process used to recognize and reward exemplary employee performance.

Traditionally, the process of determining and rewarding outstanding performances has been the responsibility of top management in hotels, often driven by consensus. However, with our Polls module, we empower system users to nominate and vote for the employee they believe deserves recognition.

The process begins with the Human Resources department posting the poll, notifying all eligible users to participate in nominating their candidates. The system is designed to seamlessly transition from the nomination period to the voting period, as initiated by the HR department. Once the voting period concludes, the winner is determined and prominently displayed on the dashboard.

By involving employees in the nomination and voting process, we foster transparency and trust. This approach ensures that employees have faith in the selection process for various awards, motivating them to go above and beyond in providing exceptional services to hotel guests.

With the Polls module, we encourage staff engagement and create a culture of recognition, driving motivation and excellence throughout the organization.

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