Guest Relations (GR) module

Traditionally, hotels relied on post-checkout feedback questionnaires or mailed surveys to gather guest feedback. However, these methods often resulted in biased or incomplete responses, as guests had already concluded their stay. Recognizing this limitation, GuestlinkPro developed the Guest Relations (GR) module, which revolutionizes the feedback collection process.

With the GR module, hotel staff can proactively gather feedback from guests while they are still on-site. This module requires staff to conduct follow-up calls to a predetermined number of rooms each day, allowing for timely and valuable feedback. Utilizing an online questionnaire with predefined questions, staff can gather insights on various hotel products and services, while also creating opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

To ensure an accurate assessment of guest satisfaction, the questionnaire includes a rating system, simplifying the evaluation process. Any negative comments or feedback are automatically escalated to the relevant Head of Department (HOD) for immediate follow-up, ensuring swift resolution of issues.

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