Guest Link (GL) module

GuestLink (GL) is our powerful module designed to streamline issue tracking and resolution initiated by guests. With GL, hotel staff can effectively monitor service delivery efficiency across departments, leading to improved guest satisfaction.

Using a dedicated hotline, guests can easily report any issues they encounter during their stay. GL enables staff to promptly address these concerns, ensuring timely resolution and a positive guest experience.

We have equipped GL with a comprehensive set of tools to ensure guest requests are fulfilled promptly and to the guest’s satisfaction. By centralizing and automating the issue resolution process, hotels can optimize their operations, minimize delays, and enhance overall service quality.

With GuestLink, hotels can deliver exceptional guest experiences by efficiently tracking and resolving issues, resulting in heightened guest satisfaction and loyalty.

How this module works in a nutshell

  1. Guest makes a request in person or via phone
  2. The issue is entered into the system and concerned section/department contacted automatically
  3. Concerned department works on the issue and confirms completion through the system
  4. Guest link team contacts guest to ascertain whether the request has been fulfilled and also guest’s level of satisfaction. Ratings below expectations of a guest are automatically escalated to the relevant department users
  5. Incase a particular issue is not resolved within the allocated time, escalation 1 is triggered for HODs attention
  6. If the said issue is not resolved within a given period, escalation 2 is triggered to alert top management (GM, OM etc)

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