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GuestlinkPro is an all-in-one solution designed by a team of hotel industry experts to enhance the guest experience. Our mission is to simplify guest feedback management, service delivery, and employee engagement for hotels. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, we understand the challenges hotels face and are dedicated to overcoming them with innovative technology. Unlike other Guest Experience Management solutions, GuestlinkPro prioritizes user-friendly design, ensuring that hotel staff can easily adapt to the system. Our software provides comprehensive tools and features to foster sustainable interactions between staff and guests, with minimal input required from guests themselves. Additionally, our architecture facilitates seamless collaboration between departments, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency.

Do you need GuestlinkPro?

If the answers to the following questions are YES, then you certainly need GuestlinkPro

Tracking guest requests
Do you have a challenge tracking your guest requests to completion?
Complaint handling
Does your hotel offer quality product and services which could use a streamlined guest complaint handling system?
Stay ahead of your competition
Would you like to stay a head of competitors by introducing a streamlined system?
Repeat guests
Do you believe enhanced guest experience would improve your hotel repeat guests ratio?

Story of our Journey

Spreadsheet solution

It worked very well and there was a marked improvement in the GSTS score of the hotel.

Desktop version - Basic

Time to move on to some coding - visual basic with access database, featuring Guest link and Guest Relations modules.

Desktop version upgrade

Additional internal communications module added

Web-based solution

Time to handle more data with a cloud based system powered by PHP core and running on MSQL database.

Web-based solution upgrade

Introduction of employee polling module making it possible for HODs to nominate and vote for exemporary performances.


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