GUESTLINKPRO is a web-based hotel guest experience management software designed to help hotels improve their service delivery and enhance the guest experience. We believe that GUESTLINKPRO can help you meet and exceed your guests’ expectations, resulting in better ratings and increased guest satisfaction.

GUESTLINKPRO has six main modules that address some of the most common guest concerns, including:

  1. Guest Link – this module helps you track issues initiated by guests through a dedicated hotline, monitoring service delivery efficiency per hotel department by comparing the predetermined turnaround period for resolving various issues with the actual time taken to resolve the issue. With this module, you can quickly resolve any outstanding issues, leading to increased guest satisfaction.
  2. Guest Relations – this module enables you to approach guests at random, soliciting feedback on various hotel products and services. You can easily rate guest feedback and add any other important remarks in the appropriate field. Adverse ratings are escalated immediately to the department head for immediate attention, including contacting the guest directly.
  3. Communication – this module enhances communication between system users, with a notification system that alerts respective section heads and department heads on matters relating to their respective areas of operation. It also features an internal communication thread board where system users can communicate with each other.
  4. Polls – this module provides a fair platform for determining the winners of various contests originated by the Human Resource department through voting for nominees. You can easily initiate and manage contests such as Employee of the Year, leading to increased employee engagement and motivation.
  5. Reports – this module enables you to generate various reports based on sections, departments, system users, and time periods. The reports include departmental Guest Link efficiency, Guest Link Guest Feedback rating, Guest relations feedback rating per department, individual user efficiency, hotel overall performance in service delivery, poll results reports, Guest link issues report, Guest Relations issues report, and more.
  6. Dashboard – this serves as the heartbeat of the guest experience key performance indicator generated from the various modules. The dashboard is the home page of the system and provides you with a quick and easy overview of your hotel’s performance.

We invite you to try out GUESTLINKPRO for yourself by signing up for our trial version. You will have full access to all the features of the software, allowing you to see for yourself how GUESTLINKPRO can help improve your hotel’s service delivery and enhance the guest experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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