Guest Relations Module

Simply click of the link ‘GR Canned Questions’ under the Guest Relations module on the sidebar.

This is a daily target determined by management and will vary from one property to another depending on the overall number of rooms. The more the rooms targeted, the more accurate the results. The questions should cut across all departments in order to ensure a realistic overall feedback on guests’ perception of the hotel products and services. We have provided a line graph at the dashboard indicating the target achievement levels on daily and year to date basis.

All guest feedback rated as ‘Below Expectations’ are flagged in red. The concerned department users are alerted via the notification tool for further action.

Polls Module

No, you can only nominate one candidate per poll

No, you can only vote for one candidate per poll

No, a candidate can only be nominated once in a given poll

Not all users are eligible to nominate and or vote. You need to contact the GuestlinkPro champion for clarification

  • HR originates the Poll (e.g Employee of the month) and specifies nomination and voting dates
  • All system users with rights to nominate are notified via the notification tool
  • The system automatically closes nominations and invites eligible users to start voting
  • The system ends the voting process on the date specified by HR and populates winner
  • The winner is posted on the dashboard.

We recommend that this responsibility be vested solely on the HR department. The GuestlinkPro champion can however assign this responsibility to a different user group


Yes, you can download your desired report using an array of available formats

  • Departmental Efficiency
  • GL Issues Report
  • GR View Issues
  • Guest Link Satisfaction
  • Guest Relations Satisfaction
  • Poll Results
  • Staff Analysis
  • Top 10 Major Sections


We have streamlined statistics and report access to departments. That is to say, if you are assigned to F&B department, you will only be able to access statistics and tables attributed to F&B department. This is to avoid clutter and to keep staff focused on their departmental issues. All users in the Top Management user group will however have access to all statistics and tables.

The admin will determine the extent to which each user group can have access to the dashboard. There are two categories of access:

  • Full access – has access to all Dashboard items
  • Partial access – has access only to the Guest Link issues statistics.

Efficiency Tips

Yes, indeed the messaging tool works just like whatsApp. Simply click on the messaging icon, select names of the people you wish to engage in the conversation, compose your message and start the conversation by posting the message.

In a typical hotel setup, we recommend the following departments/sections/individuals to handle various modules:

  1. Guest link module – Guest Link section of Front office department
  2. Guest Relations module – Guest relations section of Front office department
  3. Polls module including employee’s list – Human resource department
  4. Overall coordination of all modules – Deputy GM, Operations Manager, Resident Manager or GM.
  5. Initial configuration of GuestlinkPro system – IT Department in conjunction with the Guestlinkpro Champion.

The manager who bares the mandate of coordinating operations of all hotel/motel departments e.g Operations Manager, Deputy General Manager or the General Manager would be best suited to be the GuestlinkPro Champion. For more insight on the key responsibilities of the GLpro Champion click here

Once you login to your account, there is an availability button at the top. When switched off, you will not receive any notifications. It is advisable to ensure that each section has at least more than one user with access to the system. This will ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

Technical issues

Yes we do. Once you make a successful payment of the initial annual subscription fee, we shall email a starter kit with requisite templates and step by step configuration guide to assist your GuestlinkPro champion with the initial configuration.

Yes. The admin has access to the System log files which displays actions taken by all users. The report includes, date, time, action, IP address and also the ISP.

We have provided an upload tool to assist in this process. You however require Open Office 4 spreadsheet to which you will be required to transfer your employee records from your existing system. We have provided an upload tool with a sample spreadsheet template. Simply download the template, copy your current employees records in accordance to the headings on the template. Save this file, then upload using the upload tool and you are done.

Sales & After Sales

Yes we do! We have a dedicated team on standby to guide you should you require any support. Simply raise a support ticket or send us an email via or give us a call us on +254 738709800.

We provide a full hosting solution for each property. For this, we charge an annual subscription fee. We also offer system audit reports as an extra service. In this report which is based on statistics and system reports we analyze specific areas of concern for management’s attention.

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